JGCWorker Prophecy-R Blaster Honey Badger PDW Style Kits for Retaliator Black Transparent

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Brand name: WORKER

Product model: YYR-021

Color: transparent + blue translucent

Material: ABS plastic

Process: high precision injection molding

Age of application: 14+


Scope of application:

This is a short bullet power PROPHECY-R blaster (assemble simply by onesel)


Main description / function: DIY color free collocation; exquisite design, perfect lean, combined with strength / rifle suite for sniper performance; appearance and performance.

The key features of the product: appearance and performance.

Note: it is only suitable for NERF soft shot toy gun.

Product net weight (G):1610g

Product gross weight (G):1900g

Product size (mm): whole gun size 735*270*60mm

Package size (mm): box 320*220*160mm


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