WORKER Gen 2 Light Half Size Darts for WORKER Blaster and Dart Zone Pro, X-Shot Pro 200PCS

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  1. Scope of application: Weak Spring Blaster
  2. Soft rubber head, foam warhead, connected with special glue. The hollow soft bullet is more suitable for all kinds of flywheels to improve the shooting effect.
  3. The Gen 2 short Darts has improved the glue and bonding technology, increased the service life, encrypted the density of the sponge, and made the short bullet more accurate. The top of the bullet is injected in the middle, and the bullet is formed more uniformly and the performance is more stable.
  4. A special glue, the bullet body is more stable and durable. The bottom of the bullet adopts a large and small layer design, which is more firmly bonded with the bullet body, and leaves a certain gap so that the bullet and the bullet body have a fixed wind effect and improve the accuracy.
  5. Note: It is forbidden to aim the blaster at the eyes of animals and people to shoot bullets. This product is suitable for over 14 years old.



Model: WORKER Gen2 Light Half Darts 

Product net weight: 243g

Packing size (mm): boxed 195*105*105mm

Dart Size: Diameter 1.3mm, length 36mm

Dart Weight: 0.9G

Package Included

200 × Light Short Darts