JGCWorker Hurricane Blaster, Toy Blaster Uses Foam Soft Darts

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·Worker semi-automatic flywheel toy Blaster, free upgrade DIY modeling.

·Compatible with Nerf Soft Darts, 6 rounds rotor design magazine.

·Dimension: 53*157*190mm, single hand-held toy blaster, very convenient to carry.

·Suitable for parent-child outdoor interactive games, not suitable for children under 5.

·Made of ABS plastic, surface matte processing, high quality product.


Name: Worker Hurricane Blaster

Color: White (Blue magazine)

Material: ABS

Process: High precision injection molding

Age: 14+ (Child under 14 need to play with adult)

Package: Blaster×1, Magazine×1.



Semi-automatic flywheel toy Blaster power by electric, two 3.7V【AA】No.5 lithium batteries would be enough. Small handgun shape, easy to carry, single hand-held blaster. Start the launch in one step, simple and fast. 6 round rotor magazine, quick reload and portable. The whole blaster is in solid color, this is for people who want to upgrade DIY by their own.<br>



This product is more suitable for children but still need to careful in using.

This product cannot seem as a harmful weapon.

Do not put it in high temperature.

Don’t point at others eyes when using, maybe a mask would be helpful.

Please contact us first if you got any question about it.