NO.209 Caliburn Foam Blaster Upgrade

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【More like Collection】Newest blaster on market, design inspired by the sword Caliburn. Printed by blue and white color, process frosting, the whole exterior is an artwork.

【Improved Structure】Perfect Structure that can hold strong impact, shooting power by spring. The highest rate is about 65-70. And we improved the pump kits makes it very convenient and comfortable in using by add more metal on it and makes more playable.

【Compatibility】It got nerf magazine interface so it compatible with most nerf magazine on market, and caliburn use both long and short soft darts. And we design rail on it, so you could add scope or handgrip if you want.

【Complete it by yourself】Dimensions: 320*220*160mm. Made of PLA material and metal. And it is also a 3D puzzle toys which means your package is only scattered parts need you to assemble it by yourself. Please contact us if you need instructions.

【Gift】Perfect gift for friends or kids who are an outdoor game’s fans, but it is suitable for over 14 years old.



Item name: NO.209 Caliburn

Item Type: F0397

Color: Blue and white

Material: PLA(80%)+Metal(20%)

Produced: 3D+CNC

Age: 14+

Item Weight: 1.5KG

Package Dimensions: 320*220*160mm

Package included: As picture shows.


·This product are just toys, can not be matched any illegal products.

 ·We not accept any request referring to any harmful speech.

 ·Our products just a toy and all of them could not be seen as the hurtful parts.

 ·This product included small parts, be careful and can not swallow them.

 ·This products should be used by the ages above 14 years old.

 ·Our company will possess all the law explanation of the products.

 ·Don not put it on High temperature environment.