Saliva-proof splash-proof goggles dust-proof glasses safety goggles suitable for adults and children

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Lens Material:Soft glue
Lens Color: Transparent
Light Transmittance: Full Transmission
Frame: Elastic Rope
Frame Adjustment: Flexible Stretch
Age Group:Adult,child
Theme: Anti Drool-proof, Anti-virus,Anti-dust,Anti-droplets and so on.
Packaged:OPP Bag

1. 100% brand new and made of high-quality material to protect your eyes from debris.
2. Effectively anti Drool-proof, anti-virus, anti-dust, anti-droplets and so on, and effectively protect our health.
3.The frame can be adjusted flexibly, which can be suitable for adults and children, comfortable to wear.
4.The wide view can enhance your visual field without blind spot, helping you gain excellent performance.
5. Reusable after boiling water disinfection.
6.Suitable for work, learning, life, walking, face-to-face chat, sports and so on.

Packaged include:
1 pair of goggles