Retaliator Spring, JGCWorker 12KG Modified Upgraded Spring Kit for Nerf Retaliator Blaster

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  • Made of high-end steel material that is high-toughness, high-elasticity and durable to use.
  • This spring has supercolossal elasticity which is in excess of 16kg.
  • Can be used cooperatively with Worker' big cylinder and lightweight shoulder stock to apply to Worker Retaliator shell set, is for power type modification of short or long foam bullet.
  • Can be apply to nerf retaliator; but since the spring is too strong and long, the original cylinder and shoulder stock must be replaced by Worker's big cylinder set and lightweight shoulder stock, otherwise there will be security threat.
  • Suitable for people over 14-year-old to use.

Package Content: 1 x 12Kg Worker Spring