F10555 WORKER 3D Printing Fishing Line Tube C(Extended Edition)Decorator 150*φ64mm for NERF Blaster Modify Toy(F0468-Y )

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1.Scope of application: WORKER F0468-Y   is used with 12 fishing line pipes. Note that the aluminum pipe cannot be sleeved separately because it does not match the size of the interface.

2.Function: WORKER F0468-Y for decoration only. The appearance is cool. The orange part is the decorator cover, which can be screwed out, and the fishing line tube (extended version) can be hidden inside.

3.100% brand new and high quality, cool appearance, clear texture.

4.Note: It is forbidden to place the product in a high-temperature environment, such as near a heater, inside a car under direct sunlight, etc., to prevent product deformation.


Product net weight (g): 85g

Product size (mm): 150*φ64mm, inner diameter 16.5mm

Packing: 230*165*40mm in bag

Package includes: WORKER F0468-Y decorator*1