F10555 WORKER 3D Printing Fishing Line Tube Decorator 150*φ40mm for NERF Blaster Modify Toy(F0461-Y )

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Scope of application: This product is used with WORKER 12 fishing line pipes. Note that the aluminum pipe cannot be sleeved separately because it does not match the size of the interface.

Function: This product is for decoration only, with a cool appearance. The orange part is the decorator cover, which can be screwed out, and the fishing line tube can be hidden inside.

100% brand new and high quality, cool appearance, clear texture.

Note: It is forbidden to place the product in a high-temperature environment, such as near a heater, inside a car under direct sunlight, etc., to prevent product deformation.


Product net weight (g): 46g

Product size (mm): 150*φ40mm, inner diameter 16.5mm

Packing: bagged: 240*170*35mm

Package includes: decorator*1