F10555 WORKER SWIFT adjustable 60° Fishing Line Tube For WORKER 16mm Aluminum Tube (Inner Tube), F0453-Y 12

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  1. F10555 F0453-Y 12 fishing line tube 60 degrees Scope of application: It can be directly inserted into the craftsman aluminum tube (inner tube) with an outer diameter of 16MM, and can be inserted into the fishing line tube decorator
  2. F10555 F0453-Y 12 fishing line tube 60 degrees PLA material, manual winding. The inclination and compactness of the fishing line can be adjusted freely, and the accuracy of the Blaster can be effectively increased by adjustment; the trajectory of the darts is corrected so that the darts rotates and no longer flutters, which easier to hit the target.
  3. .Note: Do not over-rotate when adjusting the fishing line, which may cause the fishing line to entangle with each other and break the fishing line. When not in use, please adjust the scale of the fishing line tube to The O scale, and the fishing line should be vertical to the fishing line tube.
  4. Note: It is forbidden to place the product in a high-temperature environment, such as near a heater, inside a car under direct sunlight, etc, to prevent product deformation.

Model: WORKER F0453-Y 12 Adjustable FishLine  Tube

Material: PC

Process: high precision injection molding, handmade  

Product Weight (G): 12G

Product size (mm): length 91mm, outer diameter 19mm,

interface inner diameter 16mm.