JGCWorker Phoenix Full Automatic Electric Short Darts Series for Nerf Modify Toy

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Product model: W0539
Color: Transparent, Orange
Material: PC+ABS
Process: high precision injection molding
Product Net Weight (G): 839g
Product size (mm): 58*295*215mm
Packing size (mm): boxed 65*300*230mm

1.Compatible with short darts system and slanted talon darts magazine.
2.It uses XT60 interface, it is recommended to match 2200MAH 80c battery. The Phoenix kit includes 10 pcs short darts, (the battery does not include it).
3.It is fully automatic electric system that can adjust the shooting speed, freely control single shot, continuous shot, and quick start and stop. It has six small flywheels that have low noise and six 132 motors combine speed and precision. They can be scattered and concentrated at 20 meters and can shoot straight.
4.You can add decorative accessories to the Phoenix, such as installing stock, the upper rail width 21MM is compatible with various sights, etc.

Package Included
1 x Phoenix
10 x Bullets
1x Magazine

Install and use in strict accordance with the instructions; do not aim at the eyes, face and animals; Please use the battery safely, turn off the power and remove the battery when not in use.

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