JGCWorker Silencer Decor 15° Bearing Tube with Improve Hit Rate for Swift Blaster and 16mm Barrel.

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This 15 Degree bearing Line scar barrel can be directly inserted into the Swift/Prophecy blaster barrel with outer diameter of 16MM.

This bearing tube rotates the soft dart through the bearing to improve the hit rate.

It is not recommended to use this bearing tube for blasters with FPS > 250 or FPS < 150

Barrel and blaster not included!


Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy
Tube Material: PLA
Color: Red/Sliver/Titanicum or with Orange tip.
Package Weight:67g

Product Size:
Length 73mm
Outer Diameter 30mm
Interface Inner Diameter 16mm.

1 × 15° Bearing Tube
1 × Aluminum Alloy Shell

Recommended configuration
Prophecy Blaster: 1.6 Spring+ 368mm barrel+WORKER Gen 3 Dart
Swift Blaster:1.4 Spring + 368/490/550 barrel+ WORKER Gen 3 Dart