W0558 WORKER SWIFT 550 Aluminum Tube With 1.6 Spring For WORKER SWIFT Blaster Modify Toy

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  1. Scope of application: WORKER SWIFT Blaster Modify Toy
  2. After testing, the 550 aluminum tube and 1.6 spring fit well, which improves the WORKER SWIFT Blaster Modify Toy.

3.550 aluminum tube + 1.6 spring can also be used with a 100-degree fishing line tube with better accuracy.

  1. Suitable for people over 14 years old, because the installation of this product requires a certain amount of disassembly capability.
  2. Note: only applicable to soft bullet toy gun surroundings



Color: silver

Material: Hardware

Product net weight: 130g

Product size: spring 1.6*inner 11*350*55 circles, aluminum tube inner 13 and outer 16, 550mm

Packing size (length x width x height, mm): 550 x 80 x 50mm


Package Included

1 *550 aluminum tube

1 *1.6 spring