WORKER 15 Round Mini Slanted Talon Mag Quick Reload Clid Compatible Nightingale Blaster (Not Compatible with 18 Slanted Talon Mag )

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  • Compatible with nightingale blaster only.
  • It can hold 15 short darts, and fire as much as you like without worrying.
  • Note: Mini Slant Talon Mag is not compatible with 18-angle talon mag, a one-piece ultrasonic synthesis that is rugged and durable.
  • To change the magazine press the release button.
  • 100% brand new, ABS plastic material, chamfered side edges, great feel to help you win the game.


Material: ABS

Manufacturing Process: injection molding, One-piece Ultrasonic Synthesis




Note: Plastic products, keep away from heat sources.