WORKER Harrier Blaster Half Length Dart Toy Gun, Full Mod Kit Driven by Spring, Equipped with Rail and Various Accessories, Compatible with Talon Mag

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Worker Harrier equipment high-powered springer and Comfortable loading thanks to special design. 

This blaster can be put into the game after simple installation without too much debugging.

Equipped with 21mm Rail and upgraded spring and barrel, you can use all kinds of accessories at will.

Universal tail bracket core design can use various decorative tail brackets.


Package Included:

Barrel × 2
Spring × 2
Orange Scarbarrel × 1
Rail × 3
Magazine × 1
Talon Dart × 10
Tool bag × 1
Blaster Front Half × 1
Blaster Second Half × 1
Buttstock × 1
instructions × 1


Gen 2 soft dart and bamboo dart.

10-round Talon mag, 15-round Talon mag, 18-round katana mag.

Harrier upgrade spring and barrel

Harrier sniper bipod