WORKER Nightingale Blaster, Semi-Auto Flywheel Half Dart Blaster Pistol Toy Free DIY (Batery Not Included)

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Flywheel system with excellent stability, Nightingale Blaster adopts the new Mini flywheel, which is smaller and more portable and is a reliable new partner in the competition.

Nightingale is compatible with 15-round mini Slant Talon mag ( Not Compatible with 18 Slant talon Mag), comes with a 15-Mini Slant Talon mag, and 10 round WORKER Gen 3 Half Darts. The newly designed release button helps reload just in a split second.

This pistol-style blaster is powered by 3S lipo battery (Not Included) giving this blaster excellent performance(85fps). Second-Order Startup Design-The first stage accelerates the flywheel to ensure that the dart has a good initial speed, and the second stage starts to fire the half-soft dart.

Grip built with TPR material giving a nonslip texture. Sling attachment is available at the rear. Expansion available for metal front tube, metal top and side rail, metal release, metal sling attach.

The product does not contain battery, the battery needs to be purchased separately. Do not use hard dart when using this blaster. Please turn off the power and remove the battery when not in use. Suitable for people over 16 years old.



Color box Size: 230*185*48MM

Weight: 0.53KG/1.17 Lbs

Color: Orange/ Blue/ Blue


Package Included:
Blaster × 1
Mini Slanted Talon Mag × 1
Rapid Fire Accessories × 1
Allen Key × 1
Lanyard × 1
Gen 3 Short Dart × 10
Decorative Stickers × 1
Instruction Manual × 1

Recommended battery size (Not Included):

Size1: 60*32*18mm/11.1V/550mA/80c/XT30 connector.

Size2: 70*25*23mm/11.1V/1000mA/25C or above/XT30 connector.