WORKER Phoenix 2.0 Blaster , Full-Automatic Short Dart Full Mod Set , Over 150 FPS Electric Soft Dart Blaster (battery not included)

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WORKER Phoenix 2.0 blaster gives the short foam darts full-auto blaster. Loading with Stefan short darts, equip with 18 rounds slanted talon mags reload in second at any time. (battery not included

This foam dart blaster is equipped with 6 upgraded motors, improved flywheels a Built-in fixed shaft to prevent displacement. Full-auto pushrod kit, adjustable frequency Increase the fun of playing.

Blaster shell designs are ventilated for faster cooling. Handle wrapped in TPR material giving a nonslip texture.Front and Rear optic sight, top rail, Lightweight retractable stock, removable front Handle make this blaster advance.

There is an Allen screwdriver at the bottom of the front handle, which can quickly install and disassemble Blaster. Connection with XT60 connector, builtin storage fit for lipo battery-size 123x42x28mm.

Please wear goggles when using. Half-length darts blaster comes with disassembled pieces in carton box, all the parts and shells come separated. All the electrical modules come in complete function .

(Subsequent upgradeable fire control system).

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