Worker Short Blade Blaster Multifunctional Safety Blaster, Compatible with Long Darts and Short Darts

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Color: Pink Blue White
Material: PLA
Process: 3D printing
Applicable age: 14+
Scope of application: suitable for long and short darts

Modular combination, comfortable to hold;
Dagger form, sci-fi design;
Can fire long or short bullets, single shot, and pull the bolt to load;
It can be used as a cold weapon, and it can also be used for long-range shooting.

Product Net Weight (G): 414G
Product gross weight (G): 434G
Product size (mm): 420 × 95 × 57mm
Packing size (mm): boxed 45 × 13 × 10mm

Note: PLA raw materials have a low melting point. It is forbidden to place the product in a high-temperature environment, such as near a heater or inside a car under direct sunlight, to prevent product deformation.