JGCWorker Swift Blaster Guns Toy, Full Mod Kits Set Short Darts Shooting Game (Orange Black)

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  1. Manual short dart launch mode, the tail spring is simple and quick to disassemble and replace, the main body is connected with three quick-connect screws, open the main body quickly, observe the inside, simple daily maintenance, and replacement of accessories.
  2. It is easy to disassemble, store and carry, with high precision and good range. The internal structure of CNC finishing is sturdy and durable, lightweight, and of high precision.
  3. Pull down by hand, palm fit design, easy loading, diversified and arbitrary performance matching, quick replacement of springs, inner tube into a blaster with different performance, free DIY, and more ways to play.
  4. The top linear long guide rail can be upgraded to a side pull, 10 rounds of short dart magazine.
  5. Suitable for people over 14 years old, because the installation of this product requires a certain amount of disassembly capability.




Color: Orange Black

Material: ABS, aluminum alloy

Process: high-precision injection molding, CNC finishing

Product net weight: 1611g

Product size: 880*220*40mm

Packing size: boxed 536*366*64 mmm

Package Included

W0557 WORKER SWIFT (front and rear)*1

The second-generation orange purple short bomb*20

Front decorator*1