WORKER Stefan Dart Mod Kit Set, Half Dart Mod Kit for NERF Rival Pathfinder XXII-1200 and NERF Rival Fate XXII-100 Blaster Modify Toy (Magazine and Blaster Not Included!!)

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Color: Black + Orange

Process: 3D printing

Applicable age: 14+

Change the blaster launch method, from Rival ammo to half dart, mag for darts to quickly reload and launch. Accuracy is higher.

Change the blaster type and increase the accuracy.

Note: For Rival Fate XXII-100 and XXII-1200 only, do not expose to the sun or store at a temperature higher than 60°C.

Product gross weight (G): 225g

Packing size (mm): 210*115*55MM

Package Included:

Magazine Adapter × 1

Front tube × 1

Aluminum tube × 1

Push Rod head × 1

Fixing accessories × 1


Tutorial for Mod Nerf Rival Fate XXII 100

Tutorial for NERF Rival Pathfinder XXII-1200


Magazine for Nerf Rival Fate XXII 100 Mod Kit

Magazine for NERF Rival Pathfinder XXII-1200 Mod Kit