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  I uploaded 2 new products recently, not like the products before. I would call them Worker DIY Blaster cause their clear exterior and it means customer could make their own DIY toys. Like the images below (Pictures come form Slug):


This blog wrote for introduce them.


Worker Caliburn

Worker Caliburn

  This product designed by Captain Slug, we bought one of his patent and producing it. And name it Worker Caliburn. Worker have been producing 3D toys for many years, so we definitely can make massive production. OK, let’s find its feature.

Complex: I have to admit that there’s too many components, about 32 kind of kits and really need some time to assemble it.

Improved structure: It is a high power toy guns and need a strong body too hold up. 22KG spring is really high power in toys, so this products not suitable for kids, more like a sniper rifle. More metal in design, powerful pump kits.


Item name: NO.209 Caliburn


Bullet: Nert foam darts or worker short darts


Item Type: F0397


Color: Blue and white


Material: PLA(80%)+Metal(20%)


Produced: 3D+CNC


Age: 14+


Item Weight: 1.5KG


Package Dimensions: 320*220*160mm


Worker Hurricane:

Worker Hurricane blaster

  This is different from Caliburn. if Caliburn is a beast, this would be a little Kitty. Hurricane is a small handgun design toy blaster. Power by electric, work by flywheel. This is design for parent-child outdoor interactive games, not such powerful as other blaster, 23m/s initial speed,  15m range, 6 rounds shooting. Of cause upgrade modification supported, you could find mod kits in our shop.


Name: Worker Hurricane Blaster


Color: White (Blue magazine)


Material: ABS


Process: High precision injection molding


Age: 14+ (Child under 14 need to play with adult)


Dimension: 53*157*190mm


Please subscribe us if you are interested.

We also sell in Amazon, just search ‘JGCWorker’.

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