JGCWorker STF-W004 Kriss Vector Mod Kits Instruction

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  JGCWorker STF-W004 series is based on Kriss vector guns’ design, one of the most popular toy gun model in the world. Many Nerf war fans is obsessed with this toy, the Blog will shows how it works.

  The first thing we need to know that this product is external structural member which means it cannot change Nerf Stryfe’s performance inside. Then What would it be? Well, Worker’s products are complex but regular. This mod kit set design for building a structure, a strong body. So it is very safe for kids under 14. If you want to upgrade Nerf Stryfe’s performance inside, maybe chose a flywheel kit set would be great.

  All right , I will write a instruction of STF-W004-6 which is the hottest mod kit set on Amazon.

Step 1: Install the 27.9cm rail from the notched end. The rail is used as a interface for some accessories, like scope.


Step 2: Embed the vector kit from the bottom rail of the stryfe. Vector kit is the main part in this product.


Step 3: Fix the vector kit by inserting the hook at the grip.


Step 4: install the front tube and fix it.


Step 5: Insert the 15cm inner tube up to the bottom.


Step 6: install all muzzle.

 Nerf Mod Kriss Vector Instruction

Step 7: Connect Stock by pressing the switch.


Step 8: Install patches on both sides of the stryfe.


Step 9: Install 5cm rails on both sides of the patch.


Step 10: Install the front grip on the front end of the vector kit.


Step 11: Link the magazine with the magazine grip, then insert the stryfe.

Nerf Mod Kriss Vector Instruction 2

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