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  FN Scar is a famous gun model in war games, its fans live all around the world. So Worker design this product for people who obsessed with Scar.

FN Scar Nerf Mod

  This is Stryfe mod kit set too, like the other Worker kits, it need to work with Nerf Stryfe, So it is for someone who got a Stryfe. In fact, Worker design a toy blaster use flywheel too like Stryfe, name SwordFish. This mod kit set also compatible with SwordFish, just less people know about it ,a very China toy foam blaster, we would talk about it after. This blog is about FN SCAR style mod kit set for nerf stryfe. Like I write before, it is built a structure, would not change the performance inside Stryfe, that means it could be a assembly toy for kids and very helpful for children's intellectual growth. Of course, we cannot tell then to hurt someone, and this product cannot seen as a harmful weapon.


  There are 7 colors Worker Scar (Sale on Amazon ‘JGCWorker’), you could chose what your favorite.

Purple ScarGreen ScarFluorescenceWhiteOrangeBlack

  Actually every unit is replaceable, that’s how Worker do: customer chose their own kits to assembly a toy guns for themself. It’s like they’re a toy armory and you purchase whatever you want, that is what we do, ‘customer’s experience first’.


Worker Scar unit:

NO.152 3D Print Scar Front Tube part × 1

No.152 Stryfe SCAR Stock × 1

10cm Rail × 2

5cm Rail × 2

27.9 rail × 1

15cm rail × 1

12 Darts Magazine × 1

AAC M4 Flash Hider × 1

Stryfe Side patch × 1

30cm Threaded Inner tube × 1

Straight Inserting Type Connector × 1

Top Patch × 1



There are two parts need to install before assemble other kits:

Straight Inserting Type Connector × 1

Top Patch × 1

They’re important kits for Stryfe as adaptor. All the 3D Printed Front Tube need it.

 Straight Inserting Type Connector

Top Patch

And then just follow the step on picture.

FN Scar Instruction

This is JGCWorker, if you have any question, just subscribe us.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/JGCWORKER-N-Strike-Elite-Stryfe-Blaster/dp/B07GDMHCLG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1548556986&sr=8-3&keywords=nerf%2Bscar&th=1

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